Benefits of HIE

Timely sharing of key information can:

  • improve diagnoses and treatment
  • prevent unnecessary readmissions
  • reduce unnecessary duplicate testing
  • prevent medication errors
Health information exchange is especially helpful when patients transition from one provider and setting to another:

  • More than 40 percent of all outpatient visits involve a transition between different medical sites and are especially common and risky for patients with complex and chronic conditions.
  • HIE also enables you to collaborate with other providers in your community in caring for patients by sending and receiving referrals electronically.
Access to the statewide Community Health Record:

  • MS-HIN is actively signing up hospitals and clinics in the state to exchange health record information for their patients. Regions actively engaged now include: Coastal Region, Delta Region, North Central and East Central Regions of Mississippi.
  • Data is no longer in care silos; rather, the provider now has a community based view of the patient visits - from community clinic visit history to hospitals.
Access to Direct Services, which help you work toward Meaningful Use:

  • Meaningful Use Stage 1 requires providers and hospitals to exchange data with each other electronically. You can use Direct services to send a secure message to another provider. You can register today online!