For Patients

The MS-HIN​ allows a health care provider to have access to your medical records at the time of care. The MS-HIN is working every day to improve health care quality, safety, efficiency, and cost for all Mississippians. With the MS-HIN you no longer have to remember what medications you are taking, the names of other providers you have seen, and other important information your treating doctor needs to know in order to choose a treatment plan that is best suited for your needs.

Health information exchange in Mississippi started on the coast after Hurricane Katrina. During Katrina, many individuals were forced to leave their homes and some had to seek medical care from a health care provider with no knowledge of their medical history. In most of these cases, the individual’s medical history was not available because their medical records were paper based. Hurricane Katrina highlighted the critical importance of the State’s health care infrastructure and the need for patients and physicians to have access to their medical information across multiple provider settings and geographic locations.

In 2007, the Mississippi Coastal Health Information Exchange (MSCHIE) was established in the lower six coastal counties. The MSCHIE allowed coastal health care providers to share clinical information including lab results, radiology reports, medication history, pathology reports and discharge information. The MSCHIE is the foundation for the statewide Health Information Exchange. Currently, the State is working with numerous health care providers (see map​) to complete our goal of connecting all health care providers to the MS-HIN. ​​