MS-HIN Direct Services

MS-HIN Direct is a simple, encrypted messaging solution for health care providers. Subscribing to MS-HIN allows health care providers to quickly share messages and health information needed to provide patient care.

Benefits to Providers​

1. Electronically send and receive patient information quickly and securely

​Rely less on paper records sent via fax or delivered by mail or courier.
Decrease the amount of time it takes to send or receive information from other providers.

2. Allows your organization to attest for "Meaningful Use"

Eligible Professionals and Eligible Hospitals participating in incentive payment programs can use MS-HIN to meet many requirements under Meaningful Use.
The Mississippi State Department of Health receives Direct transmissions for required public health reporting on the following:

  • Syndromic Surveillance
  • Electronic Lab Results
  • Immunization Registry

3. Electronically Send, Schedule and Track Patient Referral Information

Referrals allow providers to send, receive, and track referrals and patient care documentation electronically. In addition, providers across different health care settings can use referrals to collaborate around a specific patient.

In addition to sending referrals, you can:

  • You can see the status and communicate about each referral for your practice.
  • When making a referral, you can search the MS-HIN network by physician name, practice name, or service.
  • Your office can determine how you want to receive referrals by adding questions and instructions for the referring office, eliminating back and forth to get missing information.
Use Cases

  • A primary care provider clinic emails a referral request to a specialist and attaches relevant patient history documents. The specialist sends back an email with a diagnosis and/or recommendation for care.
  • Sub-acute and nursing homes receive a referral from another care setting for “transition of care” via a secure email.
  • A clinic emails a patient care document to the hospital Emergency Department. The hospital sends discharge information back to the primary care provider.

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