expand Question: What is the MS-HIN and what does it mean to me?
expand Question: What are the BENEFITS of MS-HIN?

MS-HIN shares your electronic health information with the right doctor at the right time so your doctor can make an informed decision and give you the best care possible.

Sharing your health information in the MS-HIN helps you and your health care provider by:

  • Making your medical history available in case of an emergency
  • Not having to reschedule an appointment or schedule an extra appointment because your health information was not available when and where it was needed
  • Not having to repeat blood work or other tests and procedures when you see new doctors or specialists
  • Saving the cost associated with unnecessary appointments and repeated tests and procedures
  • Informing your doctors about your medications, allergies or other important medical history, even when you forget
  • Preventing unwanted side effects when medications prescribed by different health care providers don't work well together
  • Saving time you and your providers spend calling about needed information or having it faxed or sent by mail
  • Making it easier for you and your health care providers to coordinate your care
expand Question: How does the MS-HIN work?
expand Question: What kind of health information can my doctors see through the MS-HIN?

Only health information important for providing care is exchanged between authorized providers who have a relationship with you and need this information for treatment purposes. Examples of clinical information that can be accessed through the MS-HIN include: results from your blood work, medications you have taken and are currently taking, past diagnoses and surgeries, any allergies you may have, radiology reports and much more.​

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expand Question: What if I do not want my health information shared through MS-HIN?

Sharing your health information through MS-HIN can improve the quality, safety and efficiency of your health care. However, it is completely voluntary.

How do I "Opt Out"?

MS-HIN health care providers are responsible for letting patients know they participate in MS-HIN. If a patient decides they do not want their health information shared, the patient can complete a MS-HIN opt-out form​ ​form and request to be opted-out from each care provider. The patient will follow the instructions on the MS-HIN Non-Participation Request Form and return to the MS-HIN Office. This disables the patient’s information from being accessible in the MS-HIN Community Health Record System. By completing the MS-HIN Opt-out form you are telling MS-HIN not to allow your information to be “searchable” within the Community Health Record. However, there are organizations that utilize MS-HIN for required transmission of medical records such as Mississippi Public Health, insurance providers, accountable care organizations and home health agencies that are exempt from the MS-HIN Opt-Out system. This is due to a patient’s existing agreements and/or state and federal laws requiring the exchange of clinical data. Additionally, to support better care coordination MS-HIN provides point of care alerting for all Mississippi patients that notifies providers when their beneficiary receives care outside of the organization.

NOTE: If a patient wants his or her health information to be private, he or she must inform each healthcare provider to make the health information “confidential” and also complete the MS-HIN “Opt-Out” form.​

Can I change my mind?

Yes. If you change your mind and decide to allow your doctors and other health care providers to share your information through MS-HIN, you can reinstate your participation.

To cancel your Opt Out, please complete the MS-HIN Reinstatement Form and return to the MS-HIN Office.​

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