Privacy and Security Guidelines

The Mississippi Health Information Network (MS-HIN) is committed to implementing a secure statewide health information exchange of "protected health information" (PHI) that is consistent with state and federal privacy and security laws. One of the primary responsibilities of MS-HIN is the protection and safeguarding of patient and clinical information.

In January 2012, the MS-HIN Board convened a Privacy and Security Committee to establish policies and procedures that protect both providers and consumers who participate in MS-HIN. The committee consisted of members who are experts in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and Mississippi laws related to health information technology.

The intent of the policies and procedures are to:

  • Provide information to providers and consumers about the patient's rights regarding the use and disclosure of their personal health information; and
  • Establish the access controls and parameters necessary to achieve and maintain an appropriate level of security to protect patient data from unauthorized access and disclosure and to ensure the secure and reliable operation of MS-HIN.

The policies and procedures are applicable to all MS-HIN participants and member organizations. All participants of MS-HIN must sign and agree to the MS-HIN Participation Agreement and Business Associate Agreement. The policies and procedures apply to the delivery and query of information through MS-HIN for the purpose of clinical treatment, payment or administrative functions.

MS-HIN policies and procedures include: