Health Information Exchange

MS-HIN’s robust Health Information Exchange (HIE) service allows providers to “query” or look up available patient health information within a network. With the click of a mouse, providers can access information such as patient labs, past procedures, diagnosis, medications, and send required information to the MS State Department of Health for public health reporting purposes. The MS-HIN offers health care providers a single point of access to a comprehensive Community Health Record (CHR). Providers use this secure, web-based clinical application to view patient information aggregated from multiple systems throughout the community.

The Community Health Record provides a community view of data for a patient – including visit history, lab results, transcription reports, discharge summaries, radiology and operative reports, and medication history.

With online access to the Community Health Record – anytime, anywhere – providers spend less time searching for information and more time focusing on providing high quality and cost-effective care.

Use Cases

  • Emergency Departments - Community data gives the ED staff real-time patient history.
  • Clinics and Imaging Centers - A provider can look up a new patient in MS-HIN's Community Health Record system and see the patient's history of care and medications.
  • Assisted Care, Home Health and Long Term Care - A provider can look up a patient transferred from an acute care setting and see the patient's recent hospitalization care data as well as history.​
Community Medication History

The MS-HIN offers a statewide comprehensive medication history/refill service which includes Medicaid claims medication history.

Community Results Distribution

By joining MS-HIN, participating providers can see results real time electronically from participating hospitals and other data providers. Two levels of “real time” results distribution are available:

  • Results can be routed directly into the EMR for “certified” EMRs (depending on the EMR capabilities).
  • For Providers who do not have a certified EMR or whose EMR is not capable to receive results, MS-HIN provides a local platform that enables sending and viewing of clinical results data.