MS-HIN Services

Mississippi is taking patient care to the next level. The MS-HIN is a secure electronic network that enables Mississippi health care providers – physicians, pharmacies, labs and other medical professionals – to exchange patient health information. This electronic platform helps improve communication between providers and enables better care coordination. The ability to exchange health information electronically is the foundation for improving health care in Mississippi and nationwide. The MS-HIN makes all relevant patient information available to all participating providers treating a patient. This availability improves quality of care, can reduce health care costs and improves operating efficiencies.

Because we have a variety of health care providers across the State, we have an array of services to ensure your health information system meets Meaningful Use and helps improve patient care.

MS-HIN Direct Services include: the MS-HIN Direct Program​, Health Information Exchange​, and Public Health Reporting​.

MS-HIN’s HIE services are instrumental in securely delivering p​atient health information to health care providers at the point of care in a matter of seconds. One connection to the MS-HIN’s HIE allows providers to access information from other providers and systems connected to the HIE.