Meaningful Use Overview

“The U.S. is embarking on the largest investment in health information technology ever, and success will ultimately be measured in better patient outcomes, higher quality and reduced cost.”

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), Health Research Institute, February 2011

Meaningful Use objectives are driving eligible hospitals and professionals to use their Health
InformationTechnology infrastructure as never before, and is requiring these changes be implemented in  muo2.pngshort timelines. MS-HIN understands this and has designed its service offerings to help hospitals leverage the investment in their infrastructure. Whether you are in Stage 1 or Stage 2, MS-HIN can help you attain your incentives in a quick and efficient manner. To see what criteria MS-HIN can help you satisfy in regards to Meaning Use click here: (Eligible Hospitals​; Eligible Professionals). Though Stage 3 criteria has not been defined, MS-HIN is committed to providing tools and analytics to help hospitals meet those requirements.​​​​​