For Providers

MS-HIN’s electronic patient health information exchange services offer providers numerous benefits.

Meeting Meaningful Use

MS-HIN services can assist providers in meeting Meaningful Use requirements for eligible professionals​ and eligible hospitals.

Summary of Care​ – Provide summary of care record (the Continuity of Care Document – CCD) for transitions and referrals through MS-HIN Direct.
Public Health Reporting – Successful ongoing submission of laboratory result, immunization, and syndromic surveillance data to the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH).
MS-HIN Direct Services -DIRECT is a peer-to-peer messaging service for health care organizations to share health information securely. The service enables point-to-point sending and receiving of clinical documentation regardless of their level of technology.

Reducing Expenses

  • Reduce development of multiple costly interfaces as your connection to the MS-HIN HIE enables you to connect with other health care providers, laboratories, the MSDH, Mississippi Hospital Association (MHA), etc.
Gaining Efficiencies

  • Receive the latest patient health information in near real time at the point of care in an organized view that’s easy to read.
  • Look up health information on a patient from any encounters of care with the click of a mouse.
  • Receive information automatically into your certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) (if you choose and your EHR is capable).
  • Electronically report required public health information to the MSDH and eliminate paper reporting or manual data entry.
  • Access to MS-HIN’s clinical secure messaging solution, MS-HIN Direct.
Maintaining Privacy and Security

  • The MS-HIN is built to enable role-based access so only authorized individuals can view patient information on a need to know basis.
  • Unlike paper record storage systems, the MS-HIN HIE tracks who accesses or changes information and maintains an audit log.
Increasing Your Ability to Participate in Innovative Health Care Delivery Initiatives

  • Use the MS-HIN HIE as a tool for participating in Patient Center Medical Home projects, Accountable Care Organizations and similar initiatives.
  • Manage unique patient populations more efficiently and effectively.