Public Health Reporting

MS-HIN – “Your Gateway to Public Health Reporting”

MS-HIN and the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) are working closely to establish a long term, efficient solution for public health reporting. With the advent of Meaningful Use and the associated requirements to exchange data, health care organizations are under pressure to implement standards based interoperability solutions – in a relatively short timeframe. Both the MSDH and MS-HIN understand the impact these requirements have on organizations and have created a set of solutions that can help make your data reporting to MSDH easier by leveraging MS-HIN interfaces and ONC approved solutions. Depending on the type of reporting requirement and your internal HIT solution, MS-HIN has a solution that will fit your needs. MS-HIN and MSDH will use all MS-HIN health information exchange functionality and MS-HIN DIRECT tools to make reporting to MSDH as easy as possible. We’ll also work as one team with a unified approach whose goal is to make the interface implementation process streamlined.

Listed below are the MS-HIN data exchange solutions that can help you satisfy your public health reporting.


Leveraging MS-HIN Interfaces

MS-HIN collects key clinical data from health care providers to create the Community Health Record for individual patients. Two of these data interfaces, laboratory results (LABS) and Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) can be used to satisfy MSDH reporting. MS-HIN will forward the required data to MSDH to satisfy Electronic Lab Reporting (ELR) and Syndromic Surveillance requirements for Meaningful Use. In addition, the ELR data can satisfy a hospital’s state lab results reporting requirement of Class 2 and 3 reportable diseases – which means no more paper! Class 1 should still be electronically reported but will still require a phone call.



MS-HIN DIRECT is a peer-to-peer secure messaging service for health care organizations to share health information. The service enables point-to-point sending and receiving of clinical documentation regardless of their level of technology. MS-HIN DIRECT capability is a Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirement for all certified EHRs and can be utilized by Eligible Hospitals / Providers to fit their needs. MS-HIN DIRECT is a highly flexible service that has expanded to enhance provider workflow in managing care coordination, referrals and other key clinic operations. MSDH is using MS-HIN DIRECT currently to satisfy program specific reporting requirements such as Hearing Screening and Stage 1 Meaningful Use attestation for lab results, immunizations, and syndromic surveillance.


Program Specific Interfaces

MS-HIN also supports “Program Specific” interfaces or those interfaces that aren’t used by MS-HIN to create the Community Health Record. Examples of these would be interfacing with the state’s immunization registry (the Mississippi Immunization Information eXchange – MIIX) and the hospital discharge reporting requirement. The MSDH immunization interface utilizes a MS-HIN facilitated HTTPS interface. Hospital Discharge reporting is satisfied using the MS-HIN DIRECT solution. The Mississippi Hospital Association (MHA) is a key stakeholder in the hospital discharge solution, providing critical subject matter expertise to ensure consistent quality and provide business analysis capabilities.